If you’ve been named as a trustee of someone’s trust, or if you’ve been asked to do so, you may be wondering what your duties are or would be. A trustee is charged with managing money or other property for someone else. This means you are a “fiduciary”, which gives you certain duties. Serving as… Read more »

Tax Deferred Exchanges Generally, when property is sold or exchanged, any gain or loss from that transaction must be recognized. This recognition of loss or gain often results in tax being imposed. However, there are certain situations when any tax imposed can be deferred to a later date. Most often, the tax will be imposed… Read more »

Many nonprofits and charitable organizations may wonder if they can engage in lobbying activities and retain their tax-exempt status. The short answer to that question is yes. However, to the frustration of everyone involved in the nonprofit world, how much lobbying an organization can engage in is going to depend on facts that are specific… Read more »

What Is a Guardianship Guardianships exist and are used to protect the welfare of children and incapacitated adults. When an individual is unable to care for his or her physical or financial well-being, a guardian may be appointed by the court to take care of the person or property of another. Because of the importance… Read more »

Veterans Day, which is also called Armistice Day, is celebrated on November 11 each year.  Veterans Day is a well-known holiday; however, there are some common misconceptions about the day, including the official name of the holiday, why it is celebrated, and when it is celebrated. Many people assume that the holiday is called Veteran’s… Read more »

State Question 788, approved by Oklahoma voters in June 2018, legalized medical marijuana use in Oklahoma. After State Question 788 was approved, the Oklahoma legislature passed a series of bills supplementing the text of State Question 788 and the emergency rules implemented after State Question 788 passed. The new laws passed by the Oklahoma legislature… Read more »

As the months pass and the elections in November approach, many individuals may not be aware of potential deadlines that affect their eligibility to vote in the upcoming election. Who Can Register to Vote In Oklahoma, you are eligible to register to vote if you are citizen of the United States, a resident of Oklahoma,… Read more »

Constitution Day & Citizenship Day September 17th, holds a special place in American history. Two-hundred-thirty-three years ago, on September 17, 1787, history was made when the Constitution was signed. In the United States of America, September 17th has been recognized and celebrated as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. On this day, the nation celebrates the… Read more »

In response to the COVID-19 virus that is sweeping across the world, Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The provisions included in the FFCRA are currently set to apply through December 31, 2020. The FFCRA requires employers who meet certain standards to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and… Read more »

In the United States there are four categories that people fall into based on their citizenship status. These are: U.S. Citizens Residents Non-Immigrants and Undocumented Individuals. Citizens Citizens includes those who were born in the United States and those who have become naturalized after establishing themselves as permanent residents and applying for citizenship once they… Read more »